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About Pickleball

Pickleball is a paddle sport which is combination of ping-pong and tennis played on a badminton size court with a wiffle ball. Pickleball uses a simple set of rules and strategies similar to tennis and ping-pong. The paddle game was invented by a congressman and named after his dog, Pickles, who liked to chase the ball.

Pickleball Training and Education


What is Pickleball? Pickleball is a cross between Ping-Pong and Tennis which is played on a court about one-fourth (1/4) the size of a tennis court (20’x44’).

What kind of equipment is needed? It is played with a paddle about 25% bigger than a Ping-Pong paddle which may be made of wood, composite, graphite, etc. The ball is a wiffleball about the size of a baseball. Good tennis shoes (non-mark soles) are required.

How do you play? Currently we play doubles only; therefore, two players on a side. The ball must be served underhand and each team must let the ball bounce once on their side before hitting it. Then both teams can either volley the ball (hitting ball before it hits the court) or play off the bounce. Courts are currently available daily.

How do you score? A team will ONLY score points when SERVING. Serves must be done underhand and each team must play their first shot off the bounce. Serving team gets points when the opponents hit the ball out of bounds, hit the net, step into the non-volley zone (kitchen) and volley the ball, or by volleying the ball before the ball has bounced once on each side of the net. If the serving team does any of these, the server loses his serve.

A game is played to eleven (11) points and you must win by two (2). The score is announced before each serve followed by server number (1 or 2). As an example, if you are the first server (1) on your side when you have two (2) points and your opponents have three (3) points, you would announce “2-3-1” before serving. This can be confusing so let the other players keep score until you get the hang of it.

Can I get training and when? If you have any questions, please call: Cal Meissen at 220-6677 .

There are balls and paddles available for your use. If you wish to purchase your own paddle, you may call: Scott Sutherland at 253-3997.

Pick, Pick, Pickleball Rocks

While playing water volleyball one hot August day
Richard told everyone that pickleball is here to stay

We can thank Bill for starting all of this marvelous fun
He wanted pickleball for Lincoln Hills and that, he has done

I finally tried the game and loved it from the beginning
Pickleball is so much fun, but no one knows who’s winning

Sometimes we forget the score but we don’t really care
Senior moments creep in during the game, but it is a cross we all must bear

"Pick, Pick, Pickleball Rocks" is the chant that we all cheer
We yell this out at Chili’s as we salute each new beer

Helmut is the man of the hour for all our tournament play
He loves the phone calls he receives telling him "But I can’t play that day"

Our first pickleball tournament turned out to be a blast
With Cal and Carole winning all the trophies and the cash

Mona showed up on the courts with a problem with her pants
All the on-lookers had to raise their arms to do the chicken dance

Kelly is in his green chair watching people win and lose
He thinks he should play pickleball in his flipflops instead of shoes

When Frankie serves the ball and it goes above his waist
He pulls up his belt up to his armpits to compensate

On these hot spring days, we sit in our chairs under the trees
And dream of margaritas as we wait for the cooling breeze

We had two new canopies to set up for shade in hot weather
But it took 15 people with engineering degrees to get it together

When Manual plays pickleball, Oh, what a great sight
Just think what he could do with a paddle made of graphite

With Greg and Katie playing pickleball on the money
You can always hear them saying, "Good job, honey"

Tom Gatti plays pickleball and really goes to town
With his favorite expression for his opponents, "You’re goin’ down"

By Linda Brandelius

(This is an unfinished piece of work, more will be added later…….)